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Hi, and again bad weather. it was for the May weekend sunny. you can walk in shorts, and now long trousers and the jacket. tragedy. but never mind I must convince of parents on LG Swift L9. in my opinion is great. and what are you thinking about it?

welcome. I was today on the competition leekkoatletycznych. zajełyśmy the top one spot in the relay race to 400 metres, but I am pleased. and on Thursday another competition. Juppi

Will soon end. So J quickly flew wintering. Today I finished to do presentation about William Shakespeare in English. Pinger is probably getting more breaks. Sometimes I add some entries. A tragedy After a month rthe future my leggings, it is great. Maybe tomorrow puts their picture.

Which is the best?
  • awatar Nelcia maluje :): super, zapraszam do mnie! myślę, że spodobają Ci się moje ręcznie malowane torby ; ) miło mi będzie, jeśli dodasz mnie do obserwowanych
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Already wintering. In the end so I waited for him. Finally free from this school. At home a little bored, but it's nothing. Less than a month for my birthday. Some inspiration now.

Hello! Today`s the day I poswsed it. I was on the 18th birthday my sister. Very lossed based on. We bought her a bracelet of silver. She was wonderful.

Hi.I passed part of the fun.The Lady suggested to me that I went to the games with the atchletics.A little nervous.I guess a little pinger broke,becouse the counter a few weeks in the meter in place.I persuaded my mum to buy socks strips and leather skirt.-Część. Dzisiejszy dzień minął mi fajnie. Pani zaproponowała mi abym pojechała na zawody z lekkoatletyki. Trochę się stresuję. Chyba się trochę pinger popsuł, ponieważ licznik od kilku tygodni stoi licznik w miejscu. Namówiłam mamę na zakup getrów w paski i skórzanej spódnicy.

Today was boring.Almost every day he learns that my friend(I used my friend)talks over me.To me it`s a course I still claim her ass.He says that I`m exaggerating with fashion or buys ugly clothes.Asks me ever day: it`s like,cool I claim?It annoys ma terribly.With a friend can treat it like any other.I don`t want to talk about it,so I change the subject.But this year quickly mina.I need as soon as you select any high school.over the holiday I`m going to lose weight.So I`ll add a few exercises in the spring.It`s so far.

Welcome.Today I felt were a little bad,but it`s nothing.When spring arrives.Today I saw a flying stork.For me I got my snow melts.Back to shool tomorrow.>

I`m sorry to have not written for so long but I have just not had time. How was you Easter?On Thursday I had a test OKE.I think went well.I was still on the quiz in math in high school number 24 it was a contest,the prize was to get to math class.Now some pics sweet children.

Already getting warmer.with me less snow and +2 degrees Celsius. After Easter writes test OKE.Did before him nervous.I would go for the best.

Hello!How you was your day?I am very well.I`m very bored.I do not know what to write, so I wish everyone a happy eggs.Now I will put some pictures from the spring.

Hello!A day is any boring.Recently I took 1st place in jumping in and up.I jumped 1,36 of which ploe was 3 centimeteres.I do not write , because put an some BESTY.pl

The winter has to last so long.I would like to make it spring already.I miss skating or biking,getting together with friends to 21.00 ,spring jacket,shoes and clothes.Bunch of flowers on the table.Why winter is so long?Why not?I ask why?

Here is my styling.I did it alone.What do you think?(a oto moje stylizacje. sama je zrobiłam. co o nich myślicie?)
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BIG TIME RUSH!! I didn`t expect this on them.

On which (who) find (be placed) part make personal stylization super. So, now I will insert made by (through) I a bit

Here, my stylization.
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Last time I was on zkupach. I have bought jacket in to kappahl.